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Repairs explained

A roof repair is a targeted and precise maintenance that starts with a thorough inspection so that we can confidently assess the root of your problem.

A range of tasks

There’s no limit to roof repair, and it can involve tasks like replacing damaged tiles, adding new flashings or sealant to water access points, or repairing your home’s ridge caps.

Our promise

Our team aims to get to the root of the issue and provide you with an accurate and cost-effective assessment that solves the issue in the long term.

Roof Repair & Leaky Roof Repair Services

Maintain the integrity and functionality of your roof with our affordable range of roof repair services. Experienced in addressing all types of leaks and repairs, you can have confidence your home is protected and maintained when you work with our team of Roofers.

Value For Money

We work hard to provide our clients with cost-effective solutions. RDW proudly offers you licensed roofing services at competitive prices.

Transparency & Honesty

Operating with integrity and maintaining consistent communication throughout your repair, we always aim to offer an affordable and appropriate solution.

Quality Workmanship

We take pride in our work and ensure our client’s satisfaction with every repair we complete. All work our Roofers complete is done with precision and attention to detail.

Experienced Roofers

Operating since 2013, our team of Roofers have seen it all, completing hundreds of roof repairs across Hobart, Launceston, Devonport, and North-West Tasmania.

A repaired roof in Hobart, Tasmania

Protecting Your Home, One Repair at a Time


Roof damage can present itself in a range of ways. You may have noticed leaks infiltrating your living space during rain or the onset of mould and yellow stains on your walls and ceiling. Or a walk around your home may reveal tiles beginning to show their age, with visible cracks. Unfortunately, these signs indicate that your home requires an expert roofer’s attention to ensure it can continue to protect you and your family from the external environment.

If you’re looking to have your roof repaired with confidence, you can trust our licensed and insured team has you covered. With expertise in repairing a range of issues, rest assured your roof is in the best possible hands when you trust it with us.

We specialise in terracotta and concrete roof repairs and have serviced homeowners throughout Tasmania since 2013. When it comes to roof repairs, we’re confident we’re the best team for the job:

  • All our work is guaranteed for 10 years
  • We’re both licensed & insured for your peace of mind.
  • We’re members of the Master Roof Tilers & Slaters Association.
  • We’re the proud Tasmanian distributor of Monier products – industry leaders in Australian roof tile production.
  • Dulux accredited roof paint applicators.

Our Roofers offer affordable repair services, including:

  • Concrete and terracotta roof tile replacement
  • Removal and reapplication of old or rusted flashing
  • Repointing ridge caps
  • Roof tile sealing
  • Roof patching
  • Valley flashing repair
  • Ventilation repair and replacement
  • Tasmania’s most thorough roofing inspection

Whatever roof repair our team recommends, we guarantee it will be the most cost-effective and value-for-money solution on the market.

Why Us? Working With Our Roofing Experts for Your Repair

When it comes to roofing repairs, experience and expertise are paramount. That’s why you can trust our team to handle all your roofing needs confidently and precisely. With our extensive knowledge and a track record of success, we’ve seen it all. Here are a few reasons to trust our team with your roof repair:

Experience and Expertise

Our years of industry experience mean there’s nothing we haven’t seen. Trusting our team means you can have your roof repaired confidently, knowing the issue is handled by contractors who understand roofing inside and out.

Roof Leak Detection

One of the most common reasons we receive calls is to repair roof leaks. If left unchecked, a leaking roof can damage your insulation, ceiling, roofing elements and more. It’s also the starting point for mould and mildew growth in your home’s ceiling and walls. 

Roof leaks can be tough to find, but you can rest assured that if your roof leaks, we’ll find it. Our years of experience and choice of industry-standard leak detection technology means we’ll find every weak point in your roof contributing to water ingress.

High-Quality Workmanship

Our team is the best, and our work speaks for itself. We pay deliberate and careful attention to every repair we make to ensure it’s done right the first time. All techniques used on your roof will follow industry best practices and strictly adhere to manufacturer guidelines.

Thorough Roofing Inspections

We start every project with a thorough and comprehensive roof inspection. When it comes to our inspections, our roofers don’t just circle the perimeter of your home and provide a ballpark estimate; we’ll visually inspect the exterior and interior of your roof so we are fully confident nothing’s missed.

We Prioritise Safety

We train our roofers to adhere strictly to safety protocols. This ensures the safety of our team members by reducing the risk of accidents or injuries during repairs. Safety protocol also minimises further damage to your roof due to a mishap or fall.

Access to Tools & Equipment

We invest in the best; our roofers use high-quality, industry-standard tools to complete your repair to the highest standards.

We Take Pride in Our Work

Our clients are our biggest advocates. With well over a hundred 5-star reviews on Google across our three locations, we deliver every roof repair with quality and results.

Why Putting Off Your Roof Repair Could Cost You Tens of Thousands

A minor roof repair is easy to delay; in our experience, most clients have noticed minor telltale signs and will only contact our team once it becomes a significant problem. We’ve unfortunately seen homeowners take a substantial financial hit by delaying a repair or avoiding investing in a roofing expert to repair it.

If you’ve noticed signs of roof damage and think it could need attention, it’s best to have a Roofer inspect the problem immediately to prevent it from developing into a costly replacement. The following is a quick breakdown that outlines how minor repairs can snowball into thousands in damages to your home:

Tens of Thousands In Potential Damage Costs

Unfortunately, if you add up the potential financial burden caused by a damaged roof, you could be up for tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. For example, a leaking roof can cost:

  • Hundreds of dollars to professionally clean unsightly water stains from your ceiling.
  • Hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in wasted savings for a professional mould removalist to treat your ceiling. More importantly, this is also a considerable health hazard to your family.
  • Leaks can quickly cause peeling paint which can cost hundreds of dollars to have cleaned and repainted.

If the issue isn’t addressed early enough:

  • Thousands of wasted dollars to pay a professional to replace your sagging and rotting ceiling.
  • It costs thousands of dollars out of pocket to pay a builder to replace your wet roof rafters that have begun to rot.
  • Thousands of dollars to have your ceiling insulation professionally replaced because it’s become waterlogged and full of mould.
  • Potentially thousands of dollars to replace damaged wiring or even your electrical system should it be exposed to water.

Not to mention:

  • Water stained furniture
  • Rotting floorboards
  • Damaged electricals
  • Insect infestations
  • Decreased property value

The potential issues from a simple leaking ceiling can rapidly grow into a huge financial burden, amounting to wasted time, energy, and increased stress.

What Causes Roof Damage?

Maintaining a sturdy and reliable roof is essential for safeguarding your home; unfortunately, various factors can contribute to roof damage over time. By identifying these causation factors, you can take the necessary steps to preserve the integrity of your roof and avoid costly repairs down the line. Our team of roofers have seen a few common contributors over the years that lead to roof damage and increase the chances of a required repair. That’s why we’ve pulled together this quick breakdown so you can be aware of the potential risks:

The Weather

Strong winds can contribute to dislodging your roof elements (a common reason for leaky roof repairs), while even a severe hail storm can lead to dents or cracks in your roof tiles. This increases the chance of cracks and eventually requires a complete replacement of the tiles.

Ageing or Lack of Roof Maintenance

A roof can last almost a lifetime if properly maintained. Unfortunately, without routine inspections and maintenance, ageing will substantially increase the chance of roof damage and the need for repair.

Improper Installation

Expert Roofers undergo years of training to ensure they have the skills and required experience to offer high-quality roofing services. If your roof was built by someone inexperienced, there’s a range of reasons it can lead to issues down the track and increase the chances of a required repair.

Mould and Moss Growth on Your Roof

It’s essential to have your roof periodically cleaned to reduce the need for repairs caused by damage from unwanted overgrowth. For example, moss retains extra moisture (especially during wet and rainy weather). Overgrown moss can accumulate water on your roof, seeping into the underlying layers and contributing to rot and deterioration of structural elements.

Mechanical Damage on Your Tiles

Roof tiles are designed and made to last, but they’re not invincible. The additional weight caused by foot traffic will quickly lead to chips and cracks, ultimately requiring a roof repair in the future. Damage from falling branches and animals is also a common reason roof repairs are needed.

The Solution

Investing in routine inspections & maintenance is always worthwhile to prevent minor issues from eventually developing into a significant problem. Periodic inspections from our team of roofers can prevent costly repairs from being required in the first place, helping you save more in the long term.

Before addressing any roofing problem, we begin with an extensive and detailed inspection to accurately pinpoint all existing issues.

Specifically for leaky roofs, we initiate the process with a thorough leak detection test. If you’re experiencing leaks, it’s likely there are several points of entry causing water to enter so this test allows us to comprehensively identify all potential sources and ensure that no area is overlooked.

What We Do

Replacing Cracked or Missing Tiles

Damaged or absent tiles on your roof represent more than an aesthetic concern; they serve as open invitations for water to enter your home, posing a significant risk of internal damage. Neglecting these vulnerabilities can result in a host of problems, including the growth of mould, structural compromise to the roof’s framework, and deterioration of insulation. The infiltration of water through these damaged areas is a leading cause of escalating repair expenses and heightened risks to the safety of your home. It’s crucial to address and rectify these issues without delay.

As Tasmania’s authorised distributors of Monier products, Australia’s premier roof tile supplier, we are well-equipped to match the perfect replacement tile for your roof. Taking proactive steps to replace any damaged tiles on the roof of your home not only reinstates the structural integrity of your roof but also acts as a preventive measure against future issues related to water damage, ensuring your home remains secure in various weather conditions.

Repairing Damaged Ridge Caps

The ridge, where your roof slopes upwards and meets, is especially prone to weather-induced pressures and structural stress. Ridge caps play an important role in defending against water entry by establishing a robust seal at the roof’s peak.

At RDW Roofing, our expertise lies in mending compromised ridge caps, ensuring they are securely fastened and sealed to ward off any leakage. Our comprehensive ridge cap repair service covers:

  • Entire replacement of the ridge cap if it is deemed irreparable.
  • Rebedding of the ridge cap to ensure it is properly secured.
  • Minor pointing adjustments in cases where the bedding material remains intact.

Regardless of whether the damage stems from general wear and tear, storm impact, or other causes, our skilled team is committed to reinstating the structural integrity of your roof’s ridge caps. This not only prevents potential water damage but also contributes to the overall structural stability of your home.

Replacing Damaged Flashings

Flashings play a pivotal role in maintaining the watertight integrity of your roof, especially around vents, chimneys, and other roof protrusions. With time, the constant exposure to weather conditions can render flashings prone to damage or corrosion. This deterioration can subsequently lead to leaks, inviting unwanted water damage to your home.

RDW Roofing excels in the replacement of damaged flashings, opting for superior quality steel or lead materials to reinstate the protective barrier of your roof. Investing in the substitution of compromised flashings is not only cost-efficient but also a proactive measure against potential, more severe repair costs down the line. By ensuring your flashings are in prime condition, you safeguard your home against the inclemencies of weather, securing its safety and durability.

Repairing Deteriorated Valleys

A common reason for roof repairs, valley deterioration poses a significant challenge in roofing, as an intact and functioning valley allows for adequate water drainage where two roof slopes converge. Valleys are designed to prevent water from pooling on the roof’s surface by guiding it off efficiently. Unfortunately, the valleys of your roof are vulnerable to damage over time through the accumulation of debris, continuous water runoff, and exposure to environmental elements.

Our team at RDW Roofing provides tailored solutions for either repairing or entirely replacing the deteriorated valleys of your home, aiming to prevent leaks and subsequent damage. The repair process involves a thorough assessment of the damage, removal of obstructions, and thoroughly sealing and reinforcing the valley. By proactively addressing issues related to valley deterioration, we are committed to preserving the structural integrity of your roof and safeguarding your home against the risks of water damage.

Sealant Touch-Ups

Maintaining the integrity of your roof’s sealant is paramount in safeguarding your home from water damage. Over time, factors such as environmental exposure and natural wear can lead to the degradation of sealants, weakening your roof’s defence against moisture. Sealants are generally expected to serve effectively for up to 15 years, making their gradual wear a common reason for repair needs.

To preserve the effectiveness of your roof’s sealant, our process involves comprehensive evaluations and meticulous repairs of sealants around essential areas such as vents, chimneys, and roof edges. Our expert roofing team proactively seeks out and addresses any signs of sealant failure. This approach not only prolongs your roof’s service life but is also critical in averting leaks, thereby keeping your home protected and dry under all weather conditions.

Ventilation Replacement

The health and efficiency of your roofing system heavily depends on its ventilation. Vents that are blocked, damaged, or simply past their prime can disrupt airflow, leading to undesirable outcomes such as moisture accumulation, mould formation, and uneven heating or cooling.

Our skilled team is equipped to address these common issues by repairing or replacing compromised ventilation components. We offer a range of solutions including the installation of new static vents, ridge vents, and whirlybirds to optimise your roof’s ventilation. Upgrading outdated or malfunctioning vents not only prolongs your roof’s durability but also enhances the comfort level within your home.

Sarking Repair & Replacement

Sarking under your roof’s tiles serves as an important layer for boosting your home’s insulation and water resistance. This layer shields your home from moisture, dust, and excessive heat, playing a significant role in enhancing energy efficiency and indoor comfort. However, sarking is susceptible to damage from severe weather or general wear, which can lead to leaks and diminish its insulating properties.

Our team specialises in maintaining the integrity of your sarking through either targeted repairs or comprehensive replacement. During an evaluation, we examine the state of your sarking to devise customised solutions that effectively address any deterioration, ensuring your home remains well-protected and comfortable. Whether it involves fixing minor issues or undertaking a full replacement, we’re committed to restoring and optimising your sarking’s performance.

The first signs of a leaking roof are typically an indicator of a deeper underlying issue. Leaking water needs to first move through your insulation and diffuse into your ceiling before becoming a noticeable problem in your living space.

How a Leaking Roof Can Damage to Your Home

Typically, a problem that only presents itself during heavy rainfall, a roof leak is easy to put off. You might think to catch the water with a bucket and wait for it to stop. Once it’s finished, out of sight, out of mind? We disagree. It’s imperative you address your leaking roof immediately to mitigate safety risks or the chances of further damage.

A leaking roof is a severe electrical hazard and can put your family and home at risk. Water can eventually come into contact with electrical wiring, light fixtures, and outlets, which poses the risk of shorts or even fires. Persistent water dripping and roof leaking can also cause the structural elements of your home to become waterlogged, leading to wood rot and compromising the strength of your roof.

Another critical issue is insulation; most homes have insulation batts in their ceiling. If continually exposed to moisture from a leaky roof, they can become a perfect breeding ground for mould, compromising the quality of your home’s breathing air. Over time, the leak will also appear on your ceiling, leading to unsightly stains and mould growth. To see a comprehensive breakdown of the associated costs of a leaking roof, scroll up and read our section on “The Cost of Delaying Your Roof Repair”.

Investing in the expertise of a trained roofing expert means you can have confidence the issue isn’t only appropriately addressed but you’re made fully aware of any additional damage caused by your leak.

The Types of Roof Leaks We Repair

There’s a range of ways a leaking roof can present itself. Here are a few of the most common issues our team addresses when it comes to repairing roof leaks:

  • Replacing missing or damaged tiles: Extreme winds can cause tiles to become dislodged or even blown off completely, while mechanical stress can cause cracks in your roof tiles.
  • Damaged flashing: The material responsible for keeping the joints and seams of your roof sealed. Damaged or corroded flashing is one of the most common causes of roof leaks and should be replaced ASAP.
  • Ponding water: If your roof was not designed by an expert who ensures adequate drainage, water can pool over time and place pressure on your roof, leading to leaks.
  • Worn or cracked sealant: The sealant around vents, flashing, and other roof elements of your home can deteriorate, leading to gaps and a perfect access point for roof leaks.
  • Inadequate ventilation: Poor ventilation causes moisture to build up in your attic, accumulating condensation and resulting in issues such as wood rot and ceiling mould.

If you’re currently struggling with a leaking roof in your home and need a repair, contact us today and book one of our friendly roofers to complete your inspection.

Make An Informed Decision for Your Roof
UV Protection

With high-quality tiles, a fresh new roof offers excellent reflective properties to prevent UV light from penetrating your home, keeping you comfortable and temperate.

Physical Protection

Your tiles are a physical barrier for falling trees, hail, or pests such as rats, possums, and birds from nesting in your attic. An uncompromised roof also protects your insulation.

Pollutant Barrier

Your roof is an essential barrier to the external environment, working in tangent with your ventilation to prevent pollutants and allergens from entering your living space.


With many residential building inspections failing on the roof, a new roof adds significant value to your home.

Foot Traffic

An immediate consideration is that foot traffic, including gutter cleaning, solar installations, etc., can cause roof tile cracks. A qualified roofer can immediately replace cracked tiles before any further damage starts.


Within as soon as ten years, the pointing of your roof can start showing signs of cracking (further worsened by foot traffic). A quick pointing touch-up is a simple way to prevent further damage.

Accumulated Grime

Within ten years, the first signs of moss and lichen will start to show (particularly in moist environments). A periodic powerwash is the best way to keep your roof looking fresh.

Dislodged End Cap

Usually one of the first things to go, your ridge cap end tile can start to feel the weight of gravity and begin to slide. This is an easy fix at this stage.

Cracked Pointing

More extensively cracked and peeling ridge pointing will start to show, exposing the mortar under your hip tiles (ridge caps). Should you address the issue soon enough, a qualified roofer could save the bedding with a cost-effective pointing touch-up.

Dislodged Flashings

Your roof’s flashings can become dislodged over time and may need replacement. A simple installation of a lead-free, adhesive flashing is a cost-effective way to prevent further damage.


At a minimum, we recommend a roofing inspection of your roof to have any routine maintenance complete and ensure your roof is in functional condition.

Accumulated Grime

Moss and lichen will continue to grow, making your roof look lacklustre and contributing to cracking of your pointing. A simple roof clean by an expert is a great way to nip this issue in the bud.

Dislodged Shell Cap

If your end ridge tile is not addressed soon, it can continue to slide and allow the tiles it sits on to begin to slide into your gutter.

Loose Ridge Caps

Ridge caps are likely loose at this point. When this occurs, complete cleaning and replacing bedding cement is required to ensure the ridges are refastened and stay in place.

Degraded Pointing

If left unattended, the pointing of your ridge caps (at a bare minimum) needs replacing to keep your ridge caps secure.

Faded Colour

With age, all roofs will lose their colour/glaze. Restoring this is for cosmetic purposes, but when all maintenance is completed, followed by re-sealing and painting, it will add a new lease of life to an old, bland roof.

Dislodged End Cap

By this stage, your end cap could have continued to slide off, leaving no weight on its under tiles. This not only looks terrible but also allows water ingress.

Replacement Required

At this point, your roof may be beyond repair. Moss could have penetrated under your tiles, unattended mechanical stress could leave your tiles riddled with cracks, and your ridge caps likely need complete repair. Unfortunately, complete reroofing may be the only solution.

Use our interactive tool to explore the long-term benefits of quality roofing:

Leak Protection

The roof tiles are designed to allow rain to run freely off your roof and into your gutter to prevent pooling on your roof’s surface.

Controlled Runoff

Your roof’s valleys act as a securely sealed, free-flowing channel to allow stormwater to run seamlessly into your gutters.

Leak Protection

The ridges of your roof are fastened with bedding cement and sealed with pointing mortar to prevent water ingress.

Leak Protection

Flashings are small pieces of metal placed around your roof’s joints to act as a tight and secure waterproofing barrier.

Weather Damage

Strong winds caused by storms can dislodge valley tiles. Having an expert roofer clip these back into place is an easy and cost-effective way to avoid further damage.

Accumulated Debris

Within ten years, debris and organic matter will start to fill in your gutter, increasing the chances of rust and water overflow. A simple, quick emptying of your gutter is the best way to avoid any issues.

Water Ingress

Any cracked and unattended pointing will start to make your roof vulnerable to water ingress, with a high chance of leaks beginning to move through your ceiling and into your attic.

Lost Flashings

Flashings aged 20 years are highly sensitive to wind gusts, proving a prime access point for water infiltration.

Dislodged Tiles

At the 20-year mark, multiple roof tiles are likely to become dislodged. Having an expert lock them in place is a simple way to prevent leaks.

Soaked Insulation

At this point, unattended leaks are already soaking your ceiling insulation, making it an excellent breeding ground for mould and rendering the insulation effectively useless.

Mouldy Insulation

If exposed to moisture, your ceiling insulation has heavily degraded and is likely full of mould. Degraded insulation is an excellent breeding ground for mould and could be promptly replaced to keep your indoor space healthy and comfortable.

Water Ingress

Unattended ridge caps with deteriorated pointing and bedding are a leading reason for water ingress and leaks coming through your ceiling.

Interior Damage

Any unattended leaks will show on your ceiling and walls as yellow stains and mould. An expert professionally treating your home for mould and water stains is costly…

Electrical Hazard

Unattended leaks are a significant electrical hazard and could be dripping onto electricals. If exposed to water, this poses a considerable fire risk and likely needs complete replacement.

Attic Damage

An unattended roof will likely allow multiple entry points for water ingress into your ceiling. Wood rot of your trusses could be a significant issue at this point, and the plaster of your ceiling may need complete replacement.

Use our interactive tool to explore the long-term benefits of quality roofing:

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