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If you’re looking for reputable roofing contractors near you, RDW Roofing is the place to go. We provide a wide range of roofing services to keep a tiled roof surface in good condition, from roof tiling and installation to roof restoration and repairs. Additionally, we offer long-term solutions for all indicators of roof wear, such as leaking roofs, stains, discolouration and fading.

Signs You Need Roof Repairs

Do you have a sagging or leaking roof after a heavy rain? Are any shingles missing or broken, causing gaps between roof tiles? If you notice any of these signs, it may be time for roof repairs. While you may not be bothered by them at first, putting off roof restoration can have consequences. To avoid the costly repairs associated with severe roof damage, making the necessary roof repairs as soon as possible is recommended.

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Why Trust RDW Roofing For Your Roofing Services

Since 2013, RDW Roofing has provided professional roof installation, restoration, and other roof maintenance services to Launceston residents and the surrounding suburbs. We produce superior roofing results on which our clients have come to rely because we only work with fully licensed and insured roofers for all roof painting, restoration, and roof-related needs. Best of all, we are a member of the Australian Master Roof Tilers & Slater Association, which guarantees the high quality of our roofing work.

Affordable Roofing Works

Superior roofing services do not have to be expensive. That is why we offer our Launceston clients cost-effective roofing solutions to help them maintain their roofs and increase the value of their property. Aside from affordable services, we also use high quality materials for the best results in any of our roofing projects.

Quick And Easy Service

Our team works hard to offer our customers exceptional roofing support and to meet their roofing needs on time. When clients call us for assistance, we immediately dispatch roofing experts to their location. Our services are also widely available, allowing you quick and easy access to any of our roofing professionals near you.

Qualified Professionals

We are proud to have only qualified professionals on our team. With their industry experience, we can assure our clients that their roof painting, installation, or restoration work will be completed to the highest standards. When you work with us, you can expect roofing results that will exceed your expectations.

Our Range of Roofing Services

RDW Roofing provides a variety of roof-related services to assist our clients in keeping their terracotta tile, cement, or concrete roofs in top condition. We aim to help clients maintain vibrant roofs that can brighten their home with our affordable roofing services. For a total roofing service experience unlike any other, here’s a list of our services:

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Our licensed roofing contractors are experienced in emergency roof repairs whether your roof is suffering from storm damage or wear and tear issues.

A cost-saving maintenance solution, we can rebed and point your roof’s ridge capping and save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs. We use a pre-mixed flexible pointing solution called Flexipoint to give you the best results.

As Monier’s exclusive distributor, we can handle any cement restoration project or terracotta restoration project. You can be confident that your roof installation will be seamlessly completed.
We can fully replace your roof whether you have a cement roof, a terracotta roof or a slate tiled roof.

We provide roof inspections and roof reports for insurance claims and to help you make a sound investment when buying new homes or investment properties.

Who We Are – Launceston’s Expert Roofers

With the assistance of our roofing experts, maintaining the pristine condition of your tiled roof surfaces is simple and easy. With our combined industry experience, we have helped countless Launceston homeowners achieve their desired tiled roof finish. We have earned our clients’ trust by working hard to deliver consistent results, and we intend to maintain their confidence.

Roof Reports And Residential Roof Leak Detection

In addition to roof installation and restoration, we offer roof reports and residential roof leak detection. These roofing services are beneficial in determining the overall condition of a home roof and diagnosing any potential leak issues. With roof reports, any roofing service provider can also create a helpful strategy to resolve roof leaks and any roof-related issues. RDW Roofing, as a qualified roofing company, may provide or verify these documents for you to help you secure any home investments in the future.

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Get A Quote On Your Roof Repairs And Restoration Today

Learn how our skilled Launceston roofers can help you install, restore, or maintain your tiled roofs to your exact specifications. Visit us at any time, or browse our website for more information on our tiled roof services. You can also get in touch with us for assistance in getting a free estimate and starting with an exceptional roof service that your home requires.

Frequently Asked Questions

RDW Roofing is a qualified roofing company that specialises in residential roof work. Our team provides a range of tiled roof installation services, including terracotta tiles, cement or concrete roofing. If you have questions on which roof surface to install in your new home, our team is available to help any time.

Opting for roof restoration gives your tiled surfaces various benefits. First, when you choose to restore your roof, you can be guaranteed to maintain its top-notch condition. Roof restoration not only keeps roofs looking good, but it also strengthens the weak areas of the roof, allowing it to be durable and long-lasting.

No, our team offers roofing services in other areas than Launceston. With our aim of providing quality assistance to as many clients as we can, we have extended our services throughout the entirety of Tasmania, including Hobart and its surrounding suburbs. In addition to Tasmania, we also offer our expert roofing services in Canberra and surrounding areas. This will ensure that you receive a prompt response from any of our experts whenever you require it.

Yes, RDW Roofing offers emergency roofing assistance. You should not be concerned if you find yourself in the midst of a roofing emergency. Our roofing specialists will be on their way right away to provide you with much-needed assistance in resolving any roof-related concerns that may arise.