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Restorations explained

Roof restoration is a flexible process that aims to address the most critical sections of your roof in a cost-effective way.


As licensed roofers, we can confidently assess the state of your roof and devise a game plan for priority maintenance.


Once an inspection is completed, we’ll present you with a quote explaining the essentials and recommended tasks.

Our Promise

The end goal is always the same: consider the most efficient and budget-conscious way we can restore the roof of your home to add decades of longevity.

Final Result

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Roof Restoration Services

Maximise the strength and longevity of your roof with our expert restoration services. From enhancing its aesthetic appeal to ensuring long-lasting protection, our roof restoration solutions breathe new life into your home.

Value For Money

We work hard to provide our clients with cost-effective restorations. RDW proudly offers you licensed roofing services at competitive prices.

Transparency & Honesty

Operating with integrity and maintaining consistent communication throughout your project, we always aim to offer an affordable and appropriate solution.

Quality Workmanship

We take pride in our work and ensure our client’s satisfaction with every restoration we complete. All our work is completed with precision and attention to detail.

Experienced Roofers

Operating since 2013, our team has seen it all, completing countless restorations across Launceston, Hobart, Devonport, Burnie, and surrounding areas.

A freshly repaired roof of a home in Canberra.

Restorations: A Cost-Effective Solution For Roof Longevity

A roof restoration is one of the most cost-effective ways a homeowner can get the most out of their current roof. It’s a comprehensive end-to-end process with the goal of enhancing your roof’s aesthetic look and appeal. If properly maintained and restored by a licensed roofer, a restoration can add decades of longevity to your roof.

If you’re considering a roof restoration, our licensed and insured team is ready to deliver. With extensive experience in restoring roofs across Tasmania, you can trust that your roof restoration is in capable hands with us.

Why You Should Trust RDW Roofing With Your Restoration

Our expert team of roofers specialises in terracotta and concrete roof restorations and has proudly served residents in Tasmania since 2013. Our licensed and insured team of experts offer affordable roof restoration services with all our work guaranteed for 10 years. Our expert roofers offer the following:

  • Terracotta and concrete roof tile replacement
  • General maintenance and repair
  • Roof power washing cleaning services
  • Roof patching
  • Valley flashing repair
  • Ventilation repair and replacement
  • A thorough and comprehensive roofing inspection

Whatever maintenance our team recommends, we’re confident it will be the most cost-effective and value-for-money solution on the market.

Why Us? Working With Our Roofers for Your Restoration

Your roof is one of the most critical sections of your home, which is why investing in experience and expertise is essential. With years of industry experience in all things roofing, here are a few reasons to work with RDW Roofing for your next restoration:

Experience You Can Trust

When it comes to roofing, there’s nothing we haven’t seen. Completing countless restorations across Hobart, Launceston, Devonport, Burnie and more, working with us means investing in confidence and peace of mind.

High-Quality Workmanship

Known for our expertise, our team delivers exceptional work with thoroughness and attention to detail. Each restoration is completed carefully, reflecting our dedication to getting it right every time. Employing industry best practices and adhering strictly to manufacturer guidelines, our roofing techniques are a benchmark for quality and precision.

Thorough Roofing Inspections

We take pride in offering the most thorough roof inspection on the market. Unlike a quick perimeter assessment, followed by a ballpark estimate, our roofers conduct a comprehensive examination, meticulously inspecting your roof’s exterior (and interior if necessary). This ensures our confidence in leaving every detail noticed.

We Prioritise the Safety of Our Staff and Clients

Our roofers undergo rigorous training to follow safety protocols strictly, prioritising our team members’ well-being and mitigating the risk of accidents or injuries during restorations. Adhering to these safety measures not only safeguards our team but also minimises the potential for additional damage to your roof resulting from mishaps or falls.

Access to Industry Standard Tools & Equipment

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our choice of equipment. Our roofers employ premium-grade tools to guarantee that your restoration is executed to the high standards and quality our team is known for.

We Take Pride in Our Work

Our clients are our biggest advocates. With well over a hundred 5-star reviews on Google across our three locations, we deliver every roof repair with quality and results.

When it comes to restorations, we take every step necessary to ensure your roof receives the quality of care and attention to detail it needs to last for decades to come. Here’s a step by step guide outlining how our team approaches restoring the roof of your home.

A Step By Step Guide to our Restoration Process


The first and most crucial step in the process is our inspection. Before restoring your roof, we complete a comprehensive roofing inspection to assess its current condition. Our roofing inspection involves a visual inspection of the outside of the roof, taking careful note of the condition of your tiles, flashing, ridge caps, sealants, pointing and more. We also take special note of any mould or moss overgrowth, considering how extensive the cleaning process should be so you can get the best possible results out of your restoration.

Before undertaking any restoration work, our team will provide an affordable quote outlining the recommended work and everything involved during our restoration process.


It’s important to clear up years of build-up debris, moss, mould, and algae. This provides a clear work space ready for any required roof repairs. Roof cleaning typically involves pressure washing to gently dislodge grime from your roof tiles. During this time, our team will also clean out your gutters, which is a leading contributor to roof leaks.

Repairs and Tile Replacement

With every restoration, we aim to leave your roof looking as close to its original condition as possible. Over time, tiles can become cracked, chipped or worn down due to weather erosion or mechanical stress.

Our Roofers will replace old or cracked tiles with fresh ones that look the same (or highly similar) to your current tiles. We’ll also complete any complex repair work, which can be minimal or extensive depending on the depth of damage. Every repair starts with a thorough inspection of the exterior and interior of your roof, completed by an expert roofer. In addition to replacing broken tiles, repairs can also include replacing cracked or damaged ridge caps, reapplication of corroded cement and sealants, and flashing replacement (see below).

Flashing Replacement

Typically made out of steel or lead, your roof has multiple flashings, each sitting within your roof junctions. Roof junctions are typically intersections with chimneys, vents, and walls and are particularly vulnerable to water intrusion if not adequately maintained.

Weather exposure and wear and tear are among the leading causes of flashing deterioration, making it a cost-effective way to block water intrusion caused by inconvenient leaks. Any old and deteriorated flashing found by our team of expert roofers is removed and replaced to industry standards.

Final Inspection, Additional Tasks & Recommendations

Once your restoration is completed, our team will complete a quality check and validate all finished tasks with a final roof inspection. We may also make any additional recommendations (such as investing in a roof plumber) if necessary.

Proudly Offering the Best Roof Restoration on the Market

When it comes to every restoration we complete, our goal is to provide a cost-effective and thorough solution. A well-executed restoration now addresses existing issues and provides proactive protection against future damage. It will drastically extend the life of your roof, enhance your home’s curb appeal, and substantially improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Our team has years of industry experience and knows what it takes to leave your roof looking 10/10 while ensuring it continues providing your home with security and weather-proofing protection for decades.

A restoration means you can closely bring your roof back to its original condition without spending excess dollars on a complete retiling or re-roofing. An added benefit is increasing the longevity of your current roof. A restored roof means an increased lifespan, which can equal thousands in savings in the long term.

Your home’s roof is the barrier between you and the external environment. Once completed, your restored roof will:

  • Continue to support and maintain the structural integrity of your home, preventing issues such as sagging and structural damage.
  • Safeguard your home and its contents from extreme weather conditions, preventing rain from eventually causing mould infestations throughout your living space.
  • Keep your home’s energy efficiency at its peak, allowing you to maximise the longevity of your insulation to prevent you from paying thousands in wasted energy long-term.
  • Maintain your property’s value. One of the leading causes of failed building inspections is structural damage caused by a poorly maintained roof. A freshly restored roof removes a significant hurdle a potential buyer may focus on.
  • Avoid wasting tens of thousands of dollars investing in a new roof. A roof repair is reactive, while a restoration is preventative. A neglected roof can quickly accumulate extensive structural damage within your home, making investing in a restoration an excellent way to avoid wasting cash on avoidable roof repairs.

Ensuring your roof is adequately maintained is the best way to safeguard your living space. If you’d like to get decades more out of your roof without breaking the bank, a restoration could be the perfect option.

Make An Informed Decision for Your Roof
UV Protection

With high-quality tiles, a fresh new roof offers excellent reflective properties to prevent UV light from penetrating your home, keeping you comfortable and temperate.

Physical Protection

Your tiles are a physical barrier for falling trees, hail, or pests such as rats, possums, and birds from nesting in your attic. An uncompromised roof also protects your insulation.

Pollutant Barrier

Your roof is an essential barrier to the external environment, working in tangent with your ventilation to prevent pollutants and allergens from entering your living space.


With many residential building inspections failing on the roof, a new roof adds significant value to your home.

Foot Traffic

An immediate consideration is that foot traffic, including gutter cleaning, solar installations, etc., can cause roof tile cracks. A qualified roofer can immediately replace cracked tiles before any further damage starts.


Within as soon as ten years, the pointing of your roof can start showing signs of cracking (further worsened by foot traffic). A quick pointing touch-up is a simple way to prevent further damage.

Accumulated Grime

Within ten years, the first signs of moss and lichen will start to show (particularly in moist environments). A periodic powerwash is the best way to keep your roof looking fresh.

Dislodged End Cap

Usually one of the first things to go, your ridge cap end tile can start to feel the weight of gravity and begin to slide. This is an easy fix at this stage.

Cracked Pointing

More extensively cracked and peeling ridge pointing will start to show, exposing the mortar under your hip tiles (ridge caps). Should you address the issue soon enough, a qualified roofer could save the bedding with a cost-effective pointing touch-up.

Dislodged Flashings

Your roof’s flashings can become dislodged over time and may need replacement. A simple installation of a lead-free, adhesive flashing is a cost-effective way to prevent further damage.


At a minimum, we recommend a roofing inspection of your roof to have any routine maintenance complete and ensure your roof is in functional condition.

Accumulated Grime

Moss and lichen will continue to grow, making your roof look lacklustre and contributing to cracking of your pointing. A simple roof clean by an expert is a great way to nip this issue in the bud.

Dislodged Shell Cap

If your end ridge tile is not addressed soon, it can continue to slide and allow the tiles it sits on to begin to slide into your gutter.

Loose Ridge Caps

Ridge caps are likely loose at this point. When this occurs, complete cleaning and replacing bedding cement is required to ensure the ridges are refastened and stay in place.

Degraded Pointing

If left unattended, the pointing of your ridge caps (at a bare minimum) needs replacing to keep your ridge caps secure.

Faded Colour

With age, all roofs will lose their colour/glaze. Restoring this is for cosmetic purposes, but when all maintenance is completed, followed by re-sealing and painting, it will add a new lease of life to an old, bland roof.

Dislodged End Cap

By this stage, your end cap could have continued to slide off, leaving no weight on its under tiles. This not only looks terrible but also allows water ingress.

Replacement Required

At this point, your roof may be beyond repair. Moss could have penetrated under your tiles, unattended mechanical stress could leave your tiles riddled with cracks, and your ridge caps likely need complete repair. Unfortunately, complete reroofing may be the only solution.

Use our interactive tool to explore the long-term benefits of quality roofing:

Leak Protection

The roof tiles are designed to allow rain to run freely off your roof and into your gutter to prevent pooling on your roof’s surface.

Controlled Runoff

Your roof’s valleys act as a securely sealed, free-flowing channel to allow stormwater to run seamlessly into your gutters.

Leak Protection

The ridges of your roof are fastened with bedding cement and sealed with pointing mortar to prevent water ingress.

Leak Protection

Flashings are small pieces of metal placed around your roof’s joints to act as a tight and secure waterproofing barrier.

Weather Damage

Strong winds caused by storms can dislodge valley tiles. Having an expert roofer clip these back into place is an easy and cost-effective way to avoid further damage.

Accumulated Debris

Within ten years, debris and organic matter will start to fill in your gutter, increasing the chances of rust and water overflow. A simple, quick emptying of your gutter is the best way to avoid any issues.

Water Ingress

Any cracked and unattended pointing will start to make your roof vulnerable to water ingress, with a high chance of leaks beginning to move through your ceiling and into your attic.

Lost Flashings

Flashings aged 20 years are highly sensitive to wind gusts, proving a prime access point for water infiltration.

Dislodged Tiles

At the 20-year mark, multiple roof tiles are likely to become dislodged. Having an expert lock them in place is a simple way to prevent leaks.

Soaked Insulation

At this point, unattended leaks are already soaking your ceiling insulation, making it an excellent breeding ground for mould and rendering the insulation effectively useless.

Mouldy Insulation

If exposed to moisture, your ceiling insulation has heavily degraded and is likely full of mould. Degraded insulation is an excellent breeding ground for mould and could be promptly replaced to keep your indoor space healthy and comfortable.

Water Ingress

Unattended ridge caps with deteriorated pointing and bedding are a leading reason for water ingress and leaks coming through your ceiling.

Interior Damage

Any unattended leaks will show on your ceiling and walls as yellow stains and mould. An expert professionally treating your home for mould and water stains is costly…

Electrical Hazard

Unattended leaks are a significant electrical hazard and could be dripping onto electricals. If exposed to water, this poses a considerable fire risk and likely needs complete replacement.

Attic Damage

An unattended roof will likely allow multiple entry points for water ingress into your ceiling. Wood rot of your trusses could be a significant issue at this point, and the plaster of your ceiling may need complete replacement.

Use our interactive tool to explore the long-term benefits of quality roofing:

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“I found the team at RDW Roofing to be thoroughly professional, courteous and happy to adapt to any changes. The result is a fantastic looking roof which has made a real difference to the appearance of my house. Very happy indeed and recommend them to anyone”

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“RDW Roofing and Ryan responded brilliantly to our need to have an old 1930 tile roof repaired and restored. We chose to have the roof cleaned, repaired and re-pointed, and the results speak for themselves. Great communication, arrived on time, professional service […] and tidied up after themselves. Honest quote, came in at less than estimated. Would recommend to all.”

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“RDW Roofing did an excellent job at repointing the ridge capping and valley on our tiled roof, very professional using quality Selly’s products. Very happy with the outcome and would recommend RDW Roofing to others. Next on the list when we are ready is to give it a fresh paint, i know who i will be calling!”

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