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Repairs explained

A roof repair is a targeted and precise maintenance that starts with a thorough inspection so that we can confidently assess the root of your problem.

A range of tasks

There’s no limit to roof repair, and it can involve tasks like replacing damaged tiles, adding new flashings or sealant to water access points, or repairing your home’s ridge caps.

Our promise

Our team aims to get to the root of the issue and provide you with an accurate and cost-effective assessment that solves the issue in the long term.

Roof Repair Hobart

Boost your home’s security and safety with Hobart’s leading roof repair experts. Our licensed & insured team of expert roofers specialise in everything from quick leaking roof repairs to delivering a full-scale residential restoration project. Choose RDW Roofing in Hobart for quality workmanship, great value, and peace of mind.

We’re Licensed

RDW Roofing consists of a team of licensed professionals committed to delivering superior roofing services in Hobart. Our services are competitively priced, providing you with high-quality workmanship at a cost-effective rate.

Expert Roofers

Our knowledge of roofing is second to none. We prioritise offering the most suitable solution for your needs, focusing on delivering roof repairs that are both affordable and effective, ensuring your home is protected for the long term.

A Decade Long Guarantee

Our confidence in quality is reflected in our 10-year guarantee for all work completed by our team; we’re dedicated to quality and client satisfaction. Choosing RDW Roofing means securing your investment in our expertise.

Affordable Expertise

RDW Roofing provides Hobart homeowners with cost-effective roofing expertise. Our team is ready to address any roofing issue with efficiency and attention to detail, affordably ensuring your roof’s longevity and performance.

A repaired roof in Hobart, Tasmania

Is Your Hobart Home in Need of a Roof Repair?


Dealing with a damaged roof can be a stressful and frustrating process for any homeowner to manage. Whether it’s a small leak or significant damage from a recent storm, the uncertainty and potential risks to your home’s safety and comfort can be daunting.

At RDW Roofing, we understand the importance of addressing these issues promptly and effectively. Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to providing Hobart homeowners with affordable, top-quality roof repairs that restore the integrity of your roof and bring peace of mind to you and your family. Let us help you protect your home and ensure it remains a safe and comfortable space for years to come.

Why it’s Better to Have Your Roof Repaired Sooner Than Later

Delaying roof repairs can trigger a series of problems, potentially leading to more significant and costly damages. Ignoring a damaged or leaky roof is ill-advised, and we strongly recommend trusting the expertise of a licensed team of roofers as soon as possible. This will help prevent a minor repair from evolving into a full-scale reroofing project. 

Here are a few of the risks associated with delaying repairing the roof of your Hobart home:

  • Increased Risk of Leaks: Ignoring visible cracks or missing tiles can make your roof susceptible to leaks, which can cause substantial water damage to the interior of your home, affecting ceilings, walls, and even floors.
  • Structural Damage: Water infiltration due to a compromised roof can weaken the structural integrity of your Hobart home, leading to severe issues like sagging ceilings or compromised foundation walls.
  • Mould & Health Risks: The presence of moisture can create an ideal breeding ground for mould and mildew, which poses health risks to occupants and necessitates costly removal and cleaning.
  • Higher Repair Costs: Small issues can quickly escalate into major concerns if not promptly addressed and may even evolve into needing a full roof replacement.
  • Energy Efficiency Loss: A damaged roof can significantly affect your Hobart home’s energy efficiency, increasing utility bills and higher carbon emissions.
  • Safety Hazards: Neglecting roof repairs can introduce various safety hazards, including electrical risks from water infiltration into the home’s wiring.
  • Decreased Property Value: A poorly maintained roof is one of the most common reasons for a failed building inspection, a damage-free roof is crucial for maintaining your home’s appeal and overall market value.

To prevent these costly and potentially dangerous issues, it’s essential to invest in the expertise of licensed experts to have your repair fixed as soon as possible. Our team of experienced roofing professionals is dedicated to helping homeowners maintain their roof’s safety, efficiency, and longevity; for high-quality roofing in Hobart, get in touch with us today.

Why RDW Roofing in Hobart?

When it comes to roof repairs in Hobart, RDW Roofing excels. Since 2013, our licensed team of experts have addressed a wide array of residential roofing repairs throughout ACT and Tasmania. Here’s why RDW Roofing is your best choice for roof repairs:

  • We’re Licensed Roofers: We offer Hobart residents a gun team of licensed roofers, ensuring that every repair is conducted with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.
  • 10-Year Guarantee: We provide a ten-year guarantee on all our work, giving you satisfaction and peace of mind.
  • Fully Insured: Our team is fully insured, ensuring your home is covered throughout the project.
  • Industry Recognition: As proud members of the Master Roof Tilers & Slaters Association, we’re dedicated to delivering industry-standard solutions and unparalleled expertise.
  • Authorised Monier Product Distributors: We are Tasmania’s authorised distributors of Monier products, Australia’s leading supplier of terracotta and concrete roof tiles.

For expert roof repair services in Hobart that offer value for money, exceptional craftsmanship, and peace of mind, we’ve got you covered.

Our Roof Repair Services

Specifically for leaky roofs, we initiate the process with a thorough leak detection test. If you’re experiencing leaks, it’s likely there are several points of entry causing water to enter, so this test allows us to comprehensively identify all potential sources and ensure that no area is overlooked. 

Our repair services include: 

  • Replacing Cracked or Missing Tiles: Vital for preventing water entry and internal damage, proactive replacing your tiles is an important measure to prevent water damage.
  • Repairing Damaged Ridge Caps: This is essential for defending against water entry at the roof’s peak. Our ridge cap repair services include a complete replacement, rebedding, and minor pointing adjustments of your Hobart home.
  • Replacing Damaged Flashings: Critical for maintaining watertight integrity around roof protrusions. We use high-quality materials for lasting protection against leaks.
  • Repairing Deteriorated Valleys: One of the most important sections to address inadequate water drainage and the prevention of pooling.
  • Sealant Touch-Ups: This maintains sealant integrity to protect against moisture and leaks. Sealant touch-ups include comprehensive evaluations and repairs to extend the life of your Hobart roof.
  • Ventilation Replacement: Adequate ventilation ensures optimal airflow to prevent moisture buildup and temperature imbalances. We cover the installation of new vents to improve roof health and indoor comfort.
  • Sarking Repair & Replacement: Sarking enhances insulation and water resistance beneath roof tiles. We offer customised repairs or replacements to maintain sarking’s protective qualities.

If your Hobart home needs a repair in a timely manner, our licensed team of experts has you covered. Contact us today for a quote.

Make An Informed Decision for Your Roof
UV Protection

With high-quality tiles, a fresh new roof offers excellent reflective properties to prevent UV light from penetrating your home, keeping you comfortable and temperate.

Physical Protection

Your tiles are a physical barrier for falling trees, hail, or pests such as rats, possums, and birds from nesting in your attic. An uncompromised roof also protects your insulation.

Pollutant Barrier

Your roof is an essential barrier to the external environment, working in tangent with your ventilation to prevent pollutants and allergens from entering your living space.


With many residential building inspections failing on the roof, a new roof adds significant value to your home.

Foot Traffic

An immediate consideration is that foot traffic, including gutter cleaning, solar installations, etc., can cause roof tile cracks. A qualified roofer can immediately replace cracked tiles before any further damage starts.


Within as soon as ten years, the pointing of your roof can start showing signs of cracking (further worsened by foot traffic). A quick pointing touch-up is a simple way to prevent further damage.

Accumulated Grime

Within ten years, the first signs of moss and lichen will start to show (particularly in moist environments). A periodic powerwash is the best way to keep your roof looking fresh.

Dislodged End Cap

Usually one of the first things to go, your ridge cap end tile can start to feel the weight of gravity and begin to slide. This is an easy fix at this stage.

Cracked Pointing

More extensively cracked and peeling ridge pointing will start to show, exposing the mortar under your hip tiles (ridge caps). Should you address the issue soon enough, a qualified roofer could save the bedding with a cost-effective pointing touch-up.

Dislodged Flashings

Your roof’s flashings can become dislodged over time and may need replacement. A simple installation of a lead-free, adhesive flashing is a cost-effective way to prevent further damage.


At a minimum, we recommend a roofing inspection of your roof to have any routine maintenance complete and ensure your roof is in functional condition.

Accumulated Grime

Moss and lichen will continue to grow, making your roof look lacklustre and contributing to cracking of your pointing. A simple roof clean by an expert is a great way to nip this issue in the bud.

Dislodged Shell Cap

If your end ridge tile is not addressed soon, it can continue to slide and allow the tiles it sits on to begin to slide into your gutter.

Loose Ridge Caps

Ridge caps are likely loose at this point. When this occurs, complete cleaning and replacing bedding cement is required to ensure the ridges are refastened and stay in place.

Degraded Pointing

If left unattended, the pointing of your ridge caps (at a bare minimum) needs replacing to keep your ridge caps secure.

Faded Colour

With age, all roofs will lose their colour/glaze. Restoring this is for cosmetic purposes, but when all maintenance is completed, followed by re-sealing and painting, it will add a new lease of life to an old, bland roof.

Dislodged End Cap

By this stage, your end cap could have continued to slide off, leaving no weight on its under tiles. This not only looks terrible but also allows water ingress.

Replacement Required

At this point, your roof may be beyond repair. Moss could have penetrated under your tiles, unattended mechanical stress could leave your tiles riddled with cracks, and your ridge caps likely need complete repair. Unfortunately, complete reroofing may be the only solution.

Use our interactive tool to explore the long-term benefits of quality roofing:

Leak Protection

The roof tiles are designed to allow rain to run freely off your roof and into your gutter to prevent pooling on your roof’s surface.

Controlled Runoff

Your roof’s valleys act as a securely sealed, free-flowing channel to allow stormwater to run seamlessly into your gutters.

Leak Protection

The ridges of your roof are fastened with bedding cement and sealed with pointing mortar to prevent water ingress.

Leak Protection

Flashings are small pieces of metal placed around your roof’s joints to act as a tight and secure waterproofing barrier.

Weather Damage

Strong winds caused by storms can dislodge valley tiles. Having an expert roofer clip these back into place is an easy and cost-effective way to avoid further damage.

Accumulated Debris

Within ten years, debris and organic matter will start to fill in your gutter, increasing the chances of rust and water overflow. A simple, quick emptying of your gutter is the best way to avoid any issues.

Water Ingress

Any cracked and unattended pointing will start to make your roof vulnerable to water ingress, with a high chance of leaks beginning to move through your ceiling and into your attic.

Lost Flashings

Flashings aged 20 years are highly sensitive to wind gusts, proving a prime access point for water infiltration.

Dislodged Tiles

At the 20-year mark, multiple roof tiles are likely to become dislodged. Having an expert lock them in place is a simple way to prevent leaks.

Soaked Insulation

At this point, unattended leaks are already soaking your ceiling insulation, making it an excellent breeding ground for mould and rendering the insulation effectively useless.

Mouldy Insulation

If exposed to moisture, your ceiling insulation has heavily degraded and is likely full of mould. Degraded insulation is an excellent breeding ground for mould and could be promptly replaced to keep your indoor space healthy and comfortable.

Water Ingress

Unattended ridge caps with deteriorated pointing and bedding are a leading reason for water ingress and leaks coming through your ceiling.

Interior Damage

Any unattended leaks will show on your ceiling and walls as yellow stains and mould. An expert professionally treating your home for mould and water stains is costly…

Electrical Hazard

Unattended leaks are a significant electrical hazard and could be dripping onto electricals. If exposed to water, this poses a considerable fire risk and likely needs complete replacement.

Attic Damage

An unattended roof will likely allow multiple entry points for water ingress into your ceiling. Wood rot of your trusses could be a significant issue at this point, and the plaster of your ceiling may need complete replacement.

Use our interactive tool to explore the long-term benefits of quality roofing:

thousands of happy customers

“RDW Roofing were just brilliant. We are so happy with the way our house, shed and garage roof turned out. It went from tired, faded and flaky to looking like a new roof! The whole team has done an excellent job – thorough, professional, efficient and respectful – they obviously take pride in their work and rightly so. Matthew in particular has been fantastic to have on site. Thank you so much.”

Karen A.

“RDW Roofing did an excellent job at repointing the ridge capping and valley on our tiled roof, very professional using quality Selly’s products. Very happy with the outcome and would recommend RDW Roofing to others. Next on the list when we are ready is to give it a fresh paint, i know who i will be calling!”

Craig G., Homeowner

“Our tired roof has a new lease of life plus no leaks and also no uninvited possums and birds nests. From the start there was great communication from Ryan and a comprehensive quote. I got regular updates on when the work men would be at my house and what they would be doing each day. Cleaned up the mess very well and the price came in under what was quoted, which was a huge bonus. Would recommend to anyone.”

Marilyn B., Homeowner

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