Concrete Tile Roofing Installations

Drone Flying Over Concrete Roof House

Concrete roof tiles are an increasingly popular option for Australian homes. Not only are they economical and durable, concrete tiles also strengthen with age as they continue to harden in the sun, making them an ideal roofing choice for Australia’s climate. Concrete roof tiles are also a great option if you live near the beach as they don’t corrode or rust near salt water, and they are also a great fire-safe option, giving you peace of mind.

Our partners, Monier Roofing, provide a range of concrete tile profiles and patterns to choose from to give your home a distinct, modern finish. With Monier Roofing tiles, you also have a choice of two colour technologies to retain the look of your tiles for longer:

  • Monier Colour Lock Technology (C-LOC™) is less resistant to gloss fade and has an 8 x better colour performance than standard COLORBOND® Steel
  • Monier Colour Through Technology is a technology mixed in with the concrete so colour goes right through the tile, which helps maintain the look of your roof over time.

Whatever your choice, you can be sure that your roof installation is in expert hands with our team professionals. Pay only once the job is complete and you’re fully satisfied with the result and get a 10-year warranty on all materials and workmanship.

Why opt for a concrete roof installation?

  • Economic, durable material that improves with age
  • Fire-safe and salt-water proof
  • Opt for colour technology to retain colour for longer
  • Wide range of colours to suit your home
  • Pay upon completion
  • 10-year warranty on all materials and workmanship


We work with the following types of Monier concrete tiles



Monier’s Elabana concrete roof tile is a great all-rounder option that provides all the looks of a curvy, traditional tile with exceptional performance. Elabana is available in eight colours, so you can find a tile to best suit the facade of your house. 

With C-LOC Technology, Elabana tiles provide eight times better colour performance than Colorbond steel, and perform better than other tile coatings.



The Tudor concrete roof tile has defined, geometric lines so it is a great choice for both traditional and modern home designs. Available in five colours and designed for a variety of roof pitches, the Tudor profile is only available in Victoria.


Atura tiles have a timeless look to enhance the appearance of any home. With a flatter, wavy profile than the Elabana tile, it’s ideal for a more modern look for your home.

Atura also has C-LOC Technology, which provides eight times better colour performance than standard Colorbond steel, and is available in 13 colours.



Monier’s Horizon tile is the ultimate flat concrete roof tile. This will give your home a sophisticated, modern, and streamlined look.

Available in 14 colours, and with C-LOC Technology to lock in the colour for longer, this tile will enhance the look of your home for many years to come.


As the name suggests, Monier’s Cambridge roof tile brings a classic style to modern homes, with a unique ‘hewn stone’ finish. The dark Soho Night colour gives your home a sophisticated finish that will remain in style for decades to come. Cambridge tiles also come with C-LOC Technology which locks the colour in for longer when compared to standard Colorbond metal.



The Madison tile is sophistication at its best. It has a middle shadow line to create a very stylish and minimalist look. 

This is also just available in the dark Soho night colour, and has C-LOC technology which means its colour performance is up to eight times better than standard Colorbond metal.

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