Roofing Inspection

Roof inspection is a complex and technical process, not to mention time consuming. Hence, it’s best left to industry specialists to guarantee reliable and expert-verified results. If you are looking for professional roof inspection services, RDW Roofing is your best choice. We offer first-rate roof inspections to diagnose and fix roof problems in your home. Our professional roof inspectors can make sure your terracotta tile, concrete, or cement roof remains in top condition.

Signs You Need Roof Inspection

If you notice water leaks in certain areas of your ceiling or walls, or if you find mold growing between your roof tiles, then you should contact a professional roof inspector. Ignoring signs of roof damage, such as cracked tiles, loose shingles, and sagging roofs can compromise the structural integrity and performance of your home roof. Rely on our roof inspection and repair services for long-term solutions and prevent future roof issues for your home.
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Why Trust RDW Roofing For Your Roof Repairs

For nearly a decade, RDW Roofing has been providing quality roofing work to homeowners in Tasmania and its surrounding suburbs. As a member of the Master Roof Tilers & Slaters Association, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch roof inspection and repair work using the finest roofing materials. Since our inception in 2013, we have grown to become the exclusive distributor of Monier roof tiles throughout Tasmania. Moreover, our services come with a 10-year workmanship warranty that ensures all roof work will last for years to come.

Affordable Roof Repair Works

A professional roof inspection by RDW Roofing proves that quality roofing service doesn't have to be expensive. Our team provides affordable and convenient roof inspection services tailored to your unique roofing needs. Our services are budget-friendly yet guarantee our clients results from qualified industry experts.

Quick And Easy Service

RDW Roofing is a responsive roof inspection and repair service provider with the best roofing materials. Our roof inspection team is available for quotes and inquiries via phone or website. Customers can rely on our experienced roof inspectors and roofers to get the job done without wasting time. We will diagnose the cause of cracked or chipped tiles, leaks, and sagging roofs, and repair them in the shortest possible time.

Qualified Professionals

We pride ourselves on providing roof inspections and services performed only by the best roofing professionals. Our qualified team provides only the most thorough roof inspections, installations, repairs and restorations to meet industry standards.

Our Range of Roof Repair Services

As Tasmania’s most trusted roofing company, RDW Roofing has developed a wide range of roofing services to ensure that all your home roofing needs are met. Through our wide range of services, we provide expert roofing support, solving a variety of roofing problems for our customers across Tasmania. In addition to roof repair and inspection work, we offer the following services for a complete roof care experience:
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If you’re experiencing leaks due to a major weather event or a roof collapse, RDW Roofing can be there for you with our emergency roof repairs.
We can rebed and point your roof’s ridge capping with Flexipoint, a premixed flexible pointing compound. This is a cost-effective maintenance solution that many homeowners prefer, helping them save thousands of dollars in repair costs.
As Monier’s licensed distributor, we can restore concrete and terracotta roofs easily. Our roof tilers and slaters complete your installation with quality results every time.
Our licensed roofers can fully replace your terracotta, cement and slate roofs efficiently.
We provide detailed roof reports through our roof inspection services that can help you in the event of insurance claims and new property purchases.

Who We Are – Roof Repair Experts in Tasmania

RDW Roofing offers roof inspection and repair work with a 10-year work warranty. As a member of the Master Roof Tilers & Slaters Association and a top recommended roofer, our customers are guaranteed exceptional roofing services from our team. For long-lasting roofing results, contact our team at RDW Roofing for a quote on your roofing project.

Roof Reports And Residential Roof Inspections

With highly qualified and experienced professionals providing the best roof inspection services, we can solve your roofing problems, provide you with the roofing material you need, and install it with quality and care. Our roofing reports and inspections also help our clients protect themselves from liability when buying a new property. This includes new homes and investment properties. If you’re interested in a new home purchase, enlist our roof inspection and get a detailed report before making the financial commitment.
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Get An Estimate on Your Roof Repairs And Inspection Services Today

Getting a quote from RDW Roofing is very easy. Contact a roofing expert today or visit our website to learn more about the roofing services we offer. Our team of roofing experts will be happy to assist you with roof inspections and other roof-related issues so that you can restore the appearance and functionality of your roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roof tiles and shingles age over time, and their prolonged exposure to the elements and weather can result in broken or missing tiles and other signs of wear. These visible signs of damage can compromise your roof’s integrity if left unchecked. Contact RDW Roofing today, so a professional roof inspector can come to your location to have your roof inspected and provide solutions to any of your roofing needs.
The frequency of roof repairs depends on several factors such as the age of your roof, the quality of the roofing material and how much exposure your property gets in terms of weather conditions and other hazards. However, roof inspections usually need to be done every six months. By partnering with RDW Roofing, you can schedule a roof inspection so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with roof maintenance or unexpected repair costs down the line.
RDW Roofing specialises in concrete, terracotta and cement tile roof repairs for homeowners in Tasmania and surrounding areas. If you’re not sure what kind of roof repair service is right for your particular roofing material, contact our team and we’ll advise you on the right solution.
Yes, our team provides emergency roofing assistance. If you have a roofing emergency, don’t worry. Our team of roofing experts will help you quickly resolve any roof-related issues and restore your roof to full functionality so your home will remain protected.