Roof Tile Repair

Got roofing issues at home? Contact RDW Roofing to take care of your roof tile needs. We’re the top roofing company that Tasmania and Canberra homeowners can trust to provide affordable, reliable and prompt roofing works. Our team provides premium roofing solutions for your home roof, including roof tiling repairs, roof tile replacement or roof restoration. With our expert roofing contractors, you’ll be able to ensure the longevity of your roof and protect your property in the long run.

Signs You Need Roof Repairs

Discoloured, cracked, and loose roof tiles are signs that your roof needs attention. To prevent severe damage for your property, get your repairs done immediately. Get in touch with roofing experts from RDW Roofing as soon as you notice leaky ceilings, water or dirt build-up, or sagging and low-hanging roofs. Our repair and installation specialists have everything you need to resolve any roof-related issues, helping you avoid serious roof damage or a total roof replacement.

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Why Trust RDW Roofing For Your Roof Repairs

Affordable Roofing Works

We believe that good roofing work does not have to be expensive. That's why our experienced roof tile repair team is ready to help you find the best roof repair service that fits your needs and budget at the same time. Visit our website or call us to discuss your requirements.

Quick And Easy Service

RDW Roofing is committed to providing the best roof maintenance services for your home roof. When you want excellent roof repair results and prompt, cost-effective roofing work, RDW Roofing is available throughout Tasmania, Canberra and their surrounding suburbs, giving you quick and easy access to experts for any roofing problem.

Qualified Professionals

Our roofing specialists are highly trained and experienced in a diverse range of roof tiling repairs. Our expert workmanship allows us to guarantee our customers high quality roof restorations and tile roof repairs and solutions that only a few roofers can match.

Our Range of Roof Repair Services

RDW Roofing is the leading service provider for your roof repair needs. Since our inception, our comprehensive roofing services have assisted countless Hobart, Launceston and Canberra homeowners in tile roof repairs and roof restorations. We are a proud member of the Australian Master Roof Tilers & Slater Association, which guarantees our quality of work. Our services also come with a 10-year installation warranty, ensuring reliable residential roof tiles installation for years to come.

RDW Roofing offers residential roof repair, installation and restoration services at affordable rates. Our roof repair services and roof restorations are two of our most popular roofing works. In addition to roof repairs, we also offer the following services for a complete roofing experience:
expert roof tile repairs

Whether it’s fire damage, heavy storms, structural collapse or a simple roof leak, our emergency roofers are available for roof repairs no matter your circumstances.

A cost-saving maintenance technique, you can rebed and point your roof’s ridge capping and potentially save thousands in repair costs down the line.

As a longtime Monier distributor, we complete your cement and terracotta roof restorations to professional standards. If you need someone for a roof installation, restoring your roof is easy and stress-free with RDW Roofing.
Our licensed roof tilers and slaters can fully replace your cement, terracotta and slate roofs.
Our roofers also offer roof inspections and roof inspection reports that are perfect for insurance claims, and new home or investment property purchases.

Who We Are – Tasmania’s Leading Roofing Experts

RDW Roofing is a roofing company that specialises in repairing terracotta roof tiles, cement or concrete roofs. Since 2013, we have consistently delivered the best roof repair and restoration results for our customers’ roofing needs. With the help of our experienced roofers, Tasmanian and Canberra homeowners can rest easy knowing their roof maintenance needs are met and their home will remain protected from harsh weather conditions and other hazards.

Roof Reports And Residential Roof Tile Inspections

On top of our roof repair services, we also offer roofing reports and residential roof tile inspections. Residential roof reports and roof tile inspections are useful documents that describe the current condition of your home’s roof. As a qualified roofing company, RDW Roofing can produce or review these roofing documents for future insurance claims or property purchases.

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Get a Quote On Your Roof Repairs Today

Get started with your roof tile maintenance with the help of our team of roofing experts. Contact us today for a free quote for all your roofing needs. Call us or visit our website for expert roof repair work whether you have missing or broken tiles or to restore the beauty of your tiled roof.

Frequently Asked Questions

Roof damage can occur due to wear and tear of roof tiles and sealants over time. Roof ageing, weathering, and other factors can cause roof tiles to crack and leak. RDW Roofing can inspect your tiled roof to determine if it needs repairs. Our team can also complete any repair work in the shortest possible time.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of flexible roof repair and roof tile installation services. Our range of roofing services also includes roof tile replacement, restoration, roof tiles capping, roof lining, roof repointing, and other roof maintenance projects.

Our team specialises in residential tile roofs such as terracotta roof tiles and cement or concrete roofs. If you are not sure which roofing service to use for your particular roof space, please contact our friendly team for advice.
Roof repairs typically need to be done at least twice a year. However, roof and ceiling leaks, sagging gutters and roof cavities should be repaired quickly. To inquire on any repairs your home roof may need, speak with one of our expert roofers by calling our line or filling out our enquiry form.