Roof Re Pointing

Are there any missing or loose tiles on your roof? It might be time to perform some roof repointing work. RDW Roofing provides a selection of roofing services, from roof leak repairs to restoring a concrete tile roof. Because we’ve been in the roofing industry for a long time, we’ve assisted a diverse range of customers with varying roof repair needs. We can repair broken tiles or secure loose tiles to keep them safe from water damage and other harsh conditions and elements with our exceptional roof pointing services.

Signs You Need To Have Roof Repointing

Without ever realising it, your roof tiles may be giving you clear signs to have your roof re pointed. During an inspection, you may discover broken or missing roof tiles. You might also have a problem with rainwater or dust easily entering your home through the roof. These are clear signs that you require roof repair services and should not be ignored. If these wear indicators are not addressed, your roof’s structural integrity may be jeopardised, and necessitate total re-roofing.

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Why Trust RDW Roofing For Your Roof Pointing

Since 2013, clients have relied on our superior workmanship in roof restoration and repairs. We only work with fully licensed and insured roofers to do repointing work on your roof and ensure the best results every time. Our team is also a member of the Australian Master Roof Tilers and Slater Association, as well as a top-rated and consistently recommended roofer, so you can be confident in our work.

Affordable Roof Pointing Works

We believe that quality roof repointing does not have to be expensive. Our expert roofers can provide exceptional roof pointing services at a reasonable price. While we provide cost-effective repair options, our clients can be assured that we only use premium flexible pointing compound products to keep your tiles secure and durable.

Quick And Easy Service

Our team works hard to meet our clients' roof restoration and repair needs in Tasmania on time, no matter where they are. When you call us for assistance, you can expect us to send an expert roofer to complete the task. You can count on us to arrive on time and provide you with quick and easy service for any of your roofing needs.

Qualified Professionals

RDW Roofing in Tasmania takes pride in employing only highly skilled roofers. Our qualified roof repointing team can secure your roof tiles from any elements that could cause damage. Our customers can rely on us to provide roof pointing solutions that meet, if not exceed, their roofing repair expectations.

Our Range of Roof Repair Services

RDW Roofing, a reputable roofing contractor in Tasmania and ACT, provides a variety of roof installation and roof restoration or maintenance services for residential roofs of various sizes and styles. You can depend on us to keep your terracotta tile and cement or concrete tile roof surfaces in pristine condition at all times. In addition to roof repointing, we also offer:

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From fallen trees, harsh winds to fire damage and rainstorms, our emergency roofers offer emergency roof repairs to protect your home from further damage.

A cost-saving maintenance strategy, we can rebed and point your roof’s ridge capping using Flexipoint, a pre-mixed flexible pointing compound to save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

As a licensed Monier distributor, restoring your roof is easy. We can restore terracotta roofs as well as concrete roofs to amazing results.
We can fully replace your cement, terracotta and slate roofs.

Our roof contractors also provide roof inspections and roof reports to help you with insurance claims and making a sound investment if you’re looking to purchase a new home or investment property.

Roof Repointing Experts in Tasmania and Canberra

RDW Roofing is your top choice for dependable roof repointing services in Tasmania and Canberra. Since 2013, our team has consistently delivered the best results for roof repointing and other roofing work for homes in Hobart, Launceston, Canberra and their surrounding suburbs. Our clients can trust us to provide expert roofing solutions to protect their home from weather hazards and other harsh elements.

Roof Reports And Residential Roof Leak Detection

In addition to roof repointing, we provide roof reports and residential roof leak detection. Roofing reports are documents that confirm the condition of a property’s roof. Residential roof leak detection reports are important in determining the source of roof leaks and providing effective solutions. Our expert roofers at RDW Roofing, a licensed roofing company, can also prepare roof reports to analyse your real estate investment.
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Get A Quote On Your Roof Repointing Today

Learn how our expert roofers can help you repair broken tiles or secure loose tiles for lasting results. Call us or visit our website for more information on our roof pointing and other roof repair services, or to request a quote for any of the roof restoration work we offer. Our helpful team is always ready to assist you in resolving roof-related issues to protect your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s an effectively cost-saving method that lets you avoid the full cost of a roof replacement. The size and design of the tiled roof, the kind of flexible pointing compound used, and the turnaround time all affect the roof repointing cost. Nevertheless, roof pointing remains a convenient alternative for increasing the stability of your roof, allowing you to spend less on ongoing repair and maintenance costs.
Roof pointing has several advantages for your roof surfaces. To keep loose tiles in place, the flexible pointing compound and cement mortar work together. As a result, the roof is well protected from heavy rains, strong winds, and other adverse weather conditions. It also makes the roofs more durable, allowing them to last for a long time.
RDW Roofing provides a wide range of roofing services to keep roofs of various styles and sizes in good condition. Our company specialises in residential roofing on terracotta tiles, cement, and concrete. If you are unsure about which type of roofing service to choose, you can consult one of our expert roofers.
Yes, we assist clients who are in the midst of a roofing emergency. Our expert roofers will be available to help you with any roof-related issue you may be experiencing and will continue to provide you with long-term solutions.