Rebedding Roof Tiles

Are your roof ridge tiles beginning to chip and break? When a broken or cracked mortar goes unnoticed, it can leave gaps where mould can grow or unwanted moisture can accumulate. Use roof bedding or pointing services to protect your roof tiles from damage. RDW Roofing provides roof pointing services to keep your ridge tiles secure and safe. With our expert services, you can have old and loose roof tiles safely replaced, keeping your roof structure intact and pristine.

Signs You Need To Have Roof Tile Rebedding

As your roof tiles age, you may notice missing or loose shingles on your roof surface. A closer inspection will mostly reveal that your roof tiles are chipped, crooked, or stained. Mould may also make it difficult to keep your cement mortar in place. While these signs of roof damage are inconvenient and frustrating, it’s not too late to get them repaired. With our expert roofing solutions, including roof repointing or rebedding, our experts at RDW Roofing can provide a hassle-free fix to any roof problem.
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Why Trust RDW Roofing For Rebedding Your Ridge Tiles

Since 2013, RDW Roofing has been providing top-tier service in rebedding roof tiles. We employ only licensed and insured roof tilers and slaters to repair your home’s roof tiles. Our years of experience in the roof repair industry have equipped us to develop flexible pointing solutions that ensure the long-term durability and structural integrity of your roofs. To top it all off, our roofing solutions come with a 10-year workmanship warranty that guarantees lasting results.
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RDW Roofing believes that high-quality roofing services should not be costly. As a result, our team takes pride in being able to provide cost-efficient, affordable roofing repairs and maintenance, including tile rebedding services. When you work with us, you can expect outstanding roofing solutions that can easily fit within your budget.
Our team is dedicated to providing our customers with quick and easy roofing services. When clients contact us for assistance with rebedding their roof tiles, they can expect our expert team to arrive at their door on time.
We employ highly qualified roofing professionals with industry experience and quality workmanship. Our team also uses a specialised and flexible pointing compound, which allows us to perfect our roof pointing or bedding processes with absolute precision and ease.
To ensure the pristine condition of your roofs, our team provides a wide range of roof repair and maintenance services. Aside from repairing roof leaks and other signs of wear, we also provide other maintenance services to keep your roof surfaces in great shape. In addition to roof rebedding and pointing, we also offer:
We offer emergency repairs in the event of an emergency such as tree collapses, severe storms or winds, lightning strikes and animal pests. Whether you have a small leak or a structural collapse, our emergency roofers can help.
If you need a concrete or terracotta roof restoration, we have experience with a wide range of domestic and commercial roof restoration projects.
We can fully replace your roof whether it is made out of cement, terracotta or slate tiles.
We offer detailed roof inspections and roof reports to help you with your insurance claim as well as perform an accurate assessment before you commit to the purchase of a new home or investment property.

Who We Are – Tasmania’s Top Expert Roofers

RDW Roofing is a licensed roofing company that specialises in roof installation, maintenance, and repair. We are a Master Roof Tilers and Slaters Association member and a consistently top-recommended roofer. We’re experienced in working with a variety of tiled roof surfaces, as well as providing a roofing maintenance and repair experience that others will find difficult to match.

Roof Reports And Residential Roof Leak Detection

Our roof inspection and reporting services take a comprehensive and strategic approach to detecting roof leaks and determining the structural integrity of any property. We provide detailed reports that are double-checked as a licensed roofing company to ensure high-quality roof assurance. You can easily make an informed decision before investing in any future real estate with our roof inspection reports.
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Get A Quote On Your Roof Bedding Service Today

We provide affordable, reliable roof bedding services throughout Tasmania. Visit our website or contact our line for any questions, and our friendly staff will assist you right away! For excellent customer service and quality workmanship on your roofing projects, get in touch with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some causes include improper roof tile installation, poor cement tile quality, prolonged exposure to weather and other harsh elements. Your roof tiles are susceptible to these deteriorating factors, which is why we recommend roof bedding services to replace problematic roof tiles before the situation worsens.
When you notice chipped, cracked, or missing roof tiles, repointing is required. Roof repointing or rebedding secures your roof’s ridge tiles. It can also be used to fill gaps between missing tiles, keeping mould, rust, and other types of damage at bay. Furthermore, it keeps your roof surfaces durable and long-lasting, while ensuring they look good.
Apart from roof bedding, our team can also handle roof tile maintenance and installation for terracotta tiles and concrete or cement roofs. We can also assist you if you find yourself in the middle of a roofing emergency. What’s more, we provide re-roofing, painting, and restoration services to give your roof tiles a total makeover.
Yes, RDW Roofing provides emergency roofing services all throughout Tasmania. You don’t have to be worried if you find yourself in the middle of a roofing emergency. Our experienced roofers will be there to assist you in repairing your roof tiles as soon as possible. Aside from fixing your roof tiles, we can also provide you with long-term solutions to any roof-related problems you may be experiencing.